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Well, because if you do NOT clean your gutters, lots of bad things can happen. To just name a few of the many: Gutters become unsecured, unproperly pitched, and can fall off your home. Rot out fascia and soffit. Overflow can cause dampness in your basement walls and flood your basement.

How often:

Seasonal gutter cleans is recommended. At a bare minimum, twice a year. Late spring and late fall. Shingle aggregate (the tiny rocks on your shingles) fall off the shingles as they deteriorate and go into the gutter. They aggregate is heavy and lays in the gutter adding weight to the gutter. You do not want this weight in your gutters. So even know you do not have trees nearby, you still get shingle debris in your gutters. Do not wait till the last minute to schedule. Have you ever tried getting on a schedule for gutter cleaning during the peak season? Its not easy.


Gutter and downspout cleaning starts at $125 for homes up to 2,000 square feet, $30 each additional 500 square feet for larger homes. Homes with unwalkable roofs, gutter guards, or taller than 2 stories are subject to additional charges.


Our procedure consists of blowing the debris out of the gutter, and into the grassy area to be mulched up on the next mowing. Upon request, we can bucket and haul away the debris for an additional charge, estimated onsite at the time of service.

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tree in gutter
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gutter brush full of debris
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